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Complete Performance Testing To Identify Your Strengths, Weaknesses & Blindspots With Our Elite Athlete Blueprint So You Can Maximise Your Training And Have The Ability To Power Past Your Opponents.

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Most Typical Gym Programs

Set Athletes Up To Fail

While recognizing the importance of strength and conditioning in sports, most athletes follow inadequate programs based on misconceptions. Simply checking the S&C box is insufficient. An effective gym program goes beyond generic exhaustion, ensuring personalized optimization based on data and insight. It's not about mimicking others but tailoring a strategy that addresses individual needs for peak performance.

Elevate your game with advanced sports science.

To achieve this, we use some of the most advanced sport science technology that is available to identify your strengths, weaknesses and blindspots, creating a Blueprint that will help you power past your teammates and opponents.

  • Focus on your weaknesses which are holding you back and eliminate them once and for all.

  • Identify the blindspots in your performance and discover how to turn them into easy performance enhancing opportunities

  • Reveal the strengths that can make you a match winner.


Athlete Performance Program

High Performance Training Throughout Your Entire Season.


Sports Physio

Sport Specific Injury Management & Prevention

Our Elite Athlete Bluprint Overview

  • A complete and comprehensive look into your injury history

  • In depth Range of Motion Testing

  • Key movement screening including running and sprint technique

  • Your Force and Strength Profiles

  • VO2 Max Testing

  • Maximal Sprint Testing

  • Complete analysis of your data to provide solutions and where you need to head with your training.


Concussion Clinic

Keeping Your Brain Safe With Up To Revolutionary Concussion Care


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Evaluate movement, joint range, motor control, strength, power, and key performance indicators.

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Join our Athlete Programs for success without wasted time, energy, or money. Maintain consistent effort, protect your body and brain, and build unwavering confidence in crucial moments.

Elite Athlete Blueprint


Melbourne's Best Performance Testing Experience

  • Full Injury Screening with a Sports Physiotherapist

  • Motor Control and Movement Competency Screening

  • Strength & Power Testing

  • Sprint Testing

  • VO2 Max Testing

  • Elite Athlete Blueprint Report

  • Athlete Recovery Skills Assessment

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We pride ourselves on putting our money where our mouth is. If you aren't happy with the data, insights and report that we provide you following your testing, then we will refund you ALL your investment.

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