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Why Traditional Physio Is Flawed

Traditional approaches like Physio, Osteo, Chiro, and Myo rely on outdated care models unsuitable for effective rehabilitation, especially for athletes. Professional Sporting Organizations abandoned these methods in the early 2000s. Instead, they employ an integrated model, where physios collaborate with Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Sports Scientists, and Coaching Staff to tailor training around injuries. This approach ensures no downtime, maintaining momentum. The best athletes understand that halting training leads to de-conditioning, resulting in a slower return to sport, increased injury risks, and more time away from the game. Our facility offers a modern, pro-sports environment, not cramped rooms with outdated equipment.

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Athlete Performance Program

High Performance Training Throughout Your Entire Season.

Why Choose Us?

Here is the solution you having been dying for:


Our Dedicated Facility

was designed for athletic performance. You’ll have a complete end-to-end service in one place, with physio, gym and recovery equipment all at your disposal when you rehab with us.


Precision Testing: Tailored Programs for Peak Performance

from both the rehab and performance teams. Unlike the traditional physio model, you'll never have to wait a week for your next 20 minute booking.


Strategic Planning: Yearly Blueprint for Strength, Power, and Speed

so you'll know that your support team understand the demands of your sport and training and adjust your treatment accordingly, and not give you the same treatment as the office workers that come in either side of you.


Motivated Community: Excel On and Off the Field Together

keeps your expenses low. You won’t need to worry about paying for your gym membership, an individualised strength and conditioning program, weekly physiotherapy and recovery services separately, it's all included in a price that makes it affordable for almost everyone.


Safety First: Local Coaches Ensure Closely Supervised Sessions

so all your programs and rehab are overseen by experts. You’ll never have to struggle with accountability, motivation or the fear of making your injury worse ever again.

Our Experts

Yianni Griffiths

Head of Performance Physiotherapy

Specialising in all things athlete management. Yianni has obtained a post-graduate degree in physiotherapy, whilst also doing further studies into speed development, biomechanics and strength and conditioning.

Yianni’s experience is a combination of semi-professional work for both physiotherapy and strength and conditioning, managing teams through all phases of the year, whilst also having an abundance of experience within a clinical setting focusing on musculoskeletal presentations and returning them to play.

Yianni’s passion is returning athletes from injury at the peak of their athletic potential, and also helping manage them through all phases of their season. His key interest in speed development allows him to integrate key principles within the rehabilitation phases, helping athletes return faster than they were before.

Only recently retiring from his semi-professional career as a footballer, Yianni has now become the head physiotherapist and strength and conditioning coach at Vermont F.C. Helping them through a top of the table finish in the 2023 season, and continuing on for the year 2024.

Now in his retirement, Yianni has a key interest in boxing and is hoping to prepare for a competitive fight at some stage.

Jordon Smith

Performance Osteopath


Meagan Kiely

M. Physiotherapy

B. Health Science

Meagan is a Physiotherapist with 5+ years experience treating sport and musculoskeletal injuries.

Meagan has a keen interest in sports injuries & has experience treating a wide range of conditions. She’s passionate about educating and inspiring her patients, and guiding them through the process of achieving their goals. She aims to keep people doing what they love, and simply modify activity where possible.

Meagan has experience playing professional sport, having recently retired from Richmond FC after 4 seasons. She is a previous VFLW captain and B&F, and has a wealth of knowledge in and around high performance sport.


Sports Physio

Sport Specific Injury Management & Prevention


Concussion Clinic

Keeping Your Brain Safe With Up To Revolutionary Concussion Care


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Your Investment

Join our Athlete Programs for success without wasted time, energy, or money. Maintain consistent effort, protect your body and brain, and build unwavering confidence in crucial moments.

Session-To-Session Pricing


Initial Consultation (45 minutes)


Subsequent Consult* (30 minutes)

*for the same injury *

*Following your consultation, your private health care fund will be swiped and the gap will be charged.

  • Subjective Assessment

  • Physical Examination & Diagnosis

  • Tailored Treatment

  • Action Plan

Advanced Rehab Membership



*Your statement will be sent to you so you can claim with your private health fund or sports insurance.

  • Weekly 1:1 Physiotherapy Session with Individualised Rehabilitation Program ($1261 value);

  • Strength & Power Performance Profiling ($780 value);

  • Concussion Baseline Test ($274 value);

  • Free Gym Membership with Unlimited S&C Coaching ($2340 value);

  • Unlimited Access To Our Recovery Systems ($1087 value);

  • Master Your Mental Skills Mini-Course ($397 value); &

  • 6 x Sport Dietician Seminars and Q&A ($600 value);

Our No Risk


At the end of your initial treatment, your action plan will be discussed and a expected recovery time will be established. If you have not recovered in that time, lived up to the expectations and there have been no unforeseen events, we will continue to rehabilitate your injury without additional charge!

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