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Typical gym programs expire, offering limited results, especially if you've been following the same routine. Many athletes believe generic workouts or quick attention in high-intensity group sessions suffice, but the reality is different. Common mistakes lead to missed potential and injuries. The overload of information, online programs, and misguided advice only distract from true athletic improvement. You deserve better. Our Flagship Athletic Performance Program is designed for focused, effective training, allowing you to unleash your athletic potential without unnecessary distractions.

Our Athletic Performance Program

We offer a complete strength and conditioning program that targets your weaknesses, improves your strengths and addresses your blind spots. In doing so, we keep you training consistently, session after session, week after week, year after year. Then, and only then, do athlete's achieve greatness.

Our programs include gym based strength, power and speed work; injury risk reduction exercises; field based sprint, change of direction and agility work; and recovery services to boost your performance.

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Athlete Performance Program

High Performance Training Throughout Your Entire Season.


Sports Physio

Sport Specific Injury Management & Prevention


Concussion Clinic

Keeping Your Brain Safe With Up To Revolutionary Concussion Care

Why Choose Us?


Expert Multisport Training for Elite Performance

Our Performance Consultants have a wealth of experience in recreational, elite and professional sports ranging from gymnastics, rugby union, cricket, baseball, AFL, volleyball, strength sports and track and field.


Precision Testing, Tailored Programs: Revolutionise Your Game

Our revolutionary performance testing allows us to discover every part of your athletic profile so that we don’t miss anything with your individualised program which helps you prepare for sport.


Strategic Training Plans: From Competition to Recovery, We've Got You

Your entire yearly training plan is then created, and we work backwards from your key competition dates to build different phases of training, weekly schedules and individualised sessions for you. Strength, power, speed and recovery, all planned.


Motivated Athletes Only: Elevate with Semi-Private Sessions

Our semi-private training sessions mean that you will only ever train with like-minded and motivated athletes who are looking to excel on and off the field.


Safety Assured: Local Experts Oversee Every Session

Every session is closely supervised by our local exert coaches, who have all worked with state level or above athletes. Your training is in safe hands.


Recovery Matters: Boost Energy, Minimise Fatigue

Your training doesn’t stop there. We will put you through our recovery programs so that you can take on the next session with more energy and less fatigue, and you can continue to build the blocks of success.


Brain Health Priority: Regular Concussion Baseline Tests

We protect your brain by providing regular concussion baseline tests, so that you can attack every contest on and off the field.


Injury Support with Perks: Discounted Sports Physio for All

If you ever get a niggle or need a tune up, all our athletes get discounted Sports Physiotherapy. In most cases, standard private health care allowances will cover all your costs, so there’s no out of pocket expenses for you.


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Elite Athlete Blueprint

Assessment of movement competency, joint range of motion, motor control, strength and power & Key Performance Indicators

Performance Training Sessions

Sport specific training within a small group setting


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Your Investment

Join our Athlete Programs for success without wasted time, energy, or money. Maintain consistent effort, protect your body and brain, and build unwavering confidence in crucial moments.

Athlete Performance Program

$117 PW

$12,188 of value for less than $16 per day

*12-Month Training Plan

  • Monthly Performance Testing ($1560 value);

  • Unlimited Team Coaching & Gym Access with Individualised Programs ($4680 value);

  • Unlimited Speed & Agility Sessions ($2500 value);

  • Full Recovery Services: Infrared Sauna, Ice bath, Theraguns and Compression Boots + Our Elite Recovery Blueprint ($2177 value);

  • Concussion Baseline Testing ($274 value);

  • Sports Psychology Mini-Course ($397 value); &

  • 6 x Sport Dietician Seminars with Q&A ($600 value);

Elite Performance


$297 PW

$21,548 of value for $42 per day

*12-Month Training Plan

  • Weekly 1:1 Coaching Session ($9360 value);

  • Monthly Performance Testing ($1560 value);

  • Unlimited Team Coaching & Gym Access with Individualised Programs ($4680 value);

  • Unlimited Speed & Agility Sessions ($2500 value);

  • Full Recovery Services: Infrared Sauna, Ice bath, Theraguns and Compression Boots + Our Elite Recovery Blueprint ($2177 value);

  • Concussion Baseline Testing ($274 value);

  • Sports Psychology Mini-Course ($397 value); &

  • 6 x Sport Dietician Seminars with Q&A ($600 value);

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Our No Risk


If you have lived up to your end of the promise and you haven't seen improvements at your first testing block, then we will give you a full refund. We are so confident that we can take your game to the next level, that we will offer you a full money back guarantee! By doing it this way, you have nothing to lose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is training with Pivot Sports Performance different?

The team here at Strength Systems are more than motivated Personal Trainers. We're tertiary-educated professionals, with a wealth of experience of working with elite and professional athletes.

This isn't a service for people looking for a casual workout - we serve promising sporting talent that's looking to make it as an elite athlete in their chosen sport.

Irrespective of when you start, we will follow you through a full season and control your gym and conditioning sessions - ranging from pre-season, in-season and post-season.

You play sport, and we'll do the rest.

What's with the 12 month membership?

The more effort that goes into a commitment the greater is it’s ability to influence the attitudes of the person who made it and the more likely they are to value it.

Think of this like an agreement with your employee to guarantee your commitment to your job, or an athlete signing a contract to guarantee a place on a team. This is in place so you stay accountable to the commitment you made to yourself.

That way you get much better results because you know you have to show up every week to get amazing progress. Most of my clients end up working with me for years resulting in them barely able to recognise themselves since they began. We can’t do that without this.

If commitments make you uncomfortable or your the type of person who goes from coach to coach – program to program, I’m happy to speak to you, but you’re probably a not a good fit for this program.

How will my training be structured?

After an performance testing and tailored program development, we work in a 5 week phases depending on the time of the season and your goals. We closely follow your KPIs, retest every 5 weeks and perform wellness monitoring to ensure you are progressing as expected.

Do you guys work around injuries?

Our team works closely with our in-house Performance Physiotherapy staff who have specialist knowledge of sport to adapt training around any injuries and to incorporate injury risk reduction techniques into your training.

What else can I expect training with Pivot Sports Performance?

Wellness and load monitoring to reduce levels of fatigue, and improve psychological readiness for training/competition and overall emotional state. Using this information, training programs are adjusted ongoing to ensure optimal performance, reduced risk of injury, optimal hormonal functioning and recovery. We have our own Recovery System in place where we use the latest recovery technology available, including ice baths; blood flow restriction devices; leg, hip and arm compression garments; theraguns; infrared sauna; nutrition advice and dietician involvement; & an educational document. All in house. All part of your membership.

What are your Terms & Conditions (T&Cs)?

The Elite Athlete Blueprint, consisting of the Initial Assessment and Performance Testing, costs $297 and is prepaid prior to booking.

Our memberships are 12 months in length and we do not allow suspensions of memberships as we will continue to plan and program your training through holidays or when traveling for sport.

Membership fees are directly debited through Stripe each Monday. A discount applies to all prepaid memberships.

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