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As an athlete, you know that recovery is just as important as training and competition. After all, you can't perform at your best if your body is fatigued, injured, or you feel run down.But, let's be honest, recovery can be boring and a lot of athletes don't pay as much attention to it as they should. That's where we come in, we're going to give you the inside scoop on how to recover like a pro so you can take your performance to the next level.

We provide a fool proof, simple and customised approach so that you get the most out of your time (and money).

With a fully equipped recovery facility on site, we provide a convenient way for you to fit in your your recovery around Athletic Performance Program or Sports Physio session.

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Proven Strategies for Athletic Recovery and Performance

Various internet recovery methods exist, but only scientifically proven ones enhance recovery. Each modality has unique benefits and should be used seasonally. Athletes must experiment to find what works for them. Strength Systems provides an integrated recovery program within your strength and conditioning regimen for consistent, long-term performance gains.

Fuel Your Body

The Importance of Nutrition in Athletic Recovery

You are what you eat, and as an athlete, what you eat can make a huge difference in your recovery. Eating the right balance of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals is key to repairing and rebuilding muscle, reducing inflammation, and restoring energy levels. You want to make sure you're getting enough protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. Plus, don't forget about those all-important recovery vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, magnesium, and zinc.

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The Often Overlooked Recovery Method

You might not think of sleep as a recovery method, but it's crucial for recovery as it is during sleep that your body repairs and regenerates. Athletes should aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night to ensure that their body has enough time to repair and rejuvenate. And don't forget, consistency is key, so try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

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Prepare To Plan or Prepare To Fail

Recovery should be planned and structured, just like training. It is crucial that both recovery and training periodisation occurs to help to avoid overtraining and ensure that you are in peak condition for competitions or important training sessions.

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Infrared Sauna

Sweat It Out

Infrared saunas use infrared heat to penetrate the skin and warm the body from the inside out, which can provide a number of benefits for athletic recovery. These include reducing muscle soreness and inflammation, improving flexibility and mobility, improving sleep, detoxifying the body, and improving cardiovascular health and function.

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Cold Water Immersion

The Cold Truth To Athletic Recovery

The cold temperature helps to reduce inflammation and improve recovery by constricting blood vessels, which reduces blood flow to the area. This causes the body to release anti-inflammatory molecules and flood the area with oxygen-rich blood once the cryotherapy session is over. This increased blood flow can help to speed up the healing process and reduce muscle soreness. Additionally, cold temperatures can also help to reduce pain and swelling, which can be beneficial for athletes recovering from an injury. 

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Recovery Supplements

The Extra Boost Your Body Needs

Potentially the most hotly debated topic of all. Certain supplements can aid in recovery, such as protein powders, creatine, omega-3 fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory supplements like turmeric. We offer Sports Dietitian sessions as part of your membership, so you can rest assured you're getting optimised and individualised supplement advice.

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The Secret Weapon in Athletic Recovery

Compression Boots are designed to improve blood flow and reduce muscle soreness. Wearing compression boots after a workout or competition or wearing blood flow restriction devices may help to speed up recovery. There are many contraindications to its use, so consulting an expert before using these is a must!

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Our elite strength and conditioning coaches have a wealth of experience in recreational, elite and professional sports ranging from gymnastics, rugby union, cricket, baseball, AFL, volleyball, strength sports and track and field.


Revolutionise Performance: Comprehensive Testing for Peak Prep

Our revolutionary performance testing allows us to discover every part of your athletic profile so that we don’t miss anything with your individualised program which helps you prepare for sport.


Tailored Training Plans: From Competition to Recovery, All Covered

Your entire yearly training plan is then created, and we work backwards from your key competition dates to build different phases of training, weekly schedules and individualised sessions for you. Strength, power, speed and recovery, all planned.


Motivating Semi-Private Sessions for Peak Athleticism

Our semi-private training sessions mean that you will only ever train with like-minded and motivated athletes who are looking to excel on and off the field.


Local Experts Ensure Safe, State-Level Training

Every session is closely supervised by our local exert coaches, who have all worked with state level or above athletes. Your training is in safe hands.


Unlock Potential: Post-Training Recovery for Success

Your training doesn’t stop there. We will put you through our recovery programs so that you can take on the next session with more energy and less fatigue, and you can continue to build the blocks of success.


Confidence in Every Contest: Regular Concussion Baseline Tests

We protect your brain by providing regular concussion baseline tests, so that you can attack every contest on and off the field.


Injury Care Made Easy: Discounted Physiotherapy for Athletes

If you ever get a niggle or need a tune up, all our athletes get discounted Sports Physiotherapy. In most cases, standard private health care allowances will cover all your costs, so there’s no out of pocket expenses for you.


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  • Unlimited Team Coaching & Gym Access with Individualised Programs ($4680 value);

  • Speed, Agility, Change of Direction and Field Cardio Conditioning Sessions ($2500 value);

  • Full Recovery Services: Infrared Sauna, Ice bath, Theraguns and Compression Boots ++ Our Elite Recovery Blueprint ($2177 value);

  • Concussion Baseline Testing ($274 value) & Discount Concussion Stop Supplements;

  • Master Your Mental Game Mini-Course ($397 value);

  • 6 x Sport Dietician Seminars and Q&A ($600 value); &

  • 1/2 Price Sports Physio!

Elite Performance Program

$297 PW

$19,600 of value for $42 per day

*12-Month Training Plan

  • Weekly 1:1 Coaching Session ($9360 value);

  • Performance Testing ($1560 value);

  • Unlimited Team Coaching & Gym Access with Individualised Programs ($4680 value);

  • Speed, Agility, Change of Direction and Field Cardio Conditioning Sessions ($2500 value);

  • Full Recovery Services: Infrared Sauna, Ice bath, Theraguns and Compression Boots ++ Our Elite Recovery Blueprint ($2177 value);

  • Concussion Baseline Testing ($274 value) + Discount Concussion Stop Supplements;

  • Master Your Mental Game Mini-Course ($397 value);

  • 6 X Sport Dietician Seminars WITH Q&A ($600 value); &

  • 1/2 Price Sports Physio!

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